AMC Staff in Focus - Ray Hubbard

Abu Dhabi, 13 Dec 2016

Ray Hubbard, Director of Construction on Gulf Related’s Al Maryah Central project, is responsible for the overseeing the day-to-day construction management of this mixed-use project, nestled in the center of Abu Dhabi’s new urban hub – Al Maryah Island.

Having joined Gulf Related three years ago, what attracted him most about the project was the building’s design.

“There is a slight curve in the design, that has such an incredible impact on the entire mall.  There is not a mall in the United States that compares to what we are delivering here.”

Ray is from Virginia in the United States, and has constructed more than 100 projects over his 53-year career.  At age 67, Ray thrives on the construction process and the ability to create something extraordinary from the ground up.  It’s what inspired him to enter the world of construction as a young 14-year-old, and it’s what still inspires him today.

“I love cooking and construction, and in fact they are very similar. It’s about the process and you need to enjoy taking all the ingredients, pulling them together, and producing something remarkable.  Then you can take a step back and say ‘wow’… look what has been created.”

His passion for construction is infectious, as is the pride he displays when speaking about his upbringing, working with his uncles who taught him their trade.  By 35 years old, Ray was the youngest Senior Vice President of Clark Construction – one of the leading building and civil construction firms in the United Stated.  

And after 35 years working with Clark Construction, Ray retired – only to be lured back into the game by long-term associate and friend, Ken Himmel – Co-Managing Partner of Gulf Related and President and Chief Executive Officer of Related Urban.

“I’ve known Ken a long time and his developments are always exceptional.  When he spoke to me about Al Maryah Central, there was something that was interesting.  I like building interesting things, and that’s why I’m here.  My wife and I love Abu Dhabi and we look forward to seeing this mall open and thriving.”

While taking his daily tour of the site, in the early hours of the morning, Ray points out some of his favorite aspects of Al Maryah Central, including the attention-grabbing ‘skin’, its discreet corners and many alcoves that allow for multiple uses.  

“It’s because of the attention to detail and truly unique design, that Al Maryah Central will very quickly become a favorite destination for Abu Dhabi’s residents and visitors

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